• Jessica L, ThrivFIT Testimonials

    Jessica is a Mom of two who needed help reconnecting to fitness. Before she started she was tired, disgusted with how she looked and felt, ashamed at letting herself go and had so many clothes in her closet that she could not wear. She knew she had to make a change. She needed that extra push, motivation and accountability to make it happen.

    Jessica's dropped over 8.5% body fat and is wearing much smaller clothes than she ever expected. She's gained so much confidence that she's even wearing booty shorts now! She is having so much fun fitting into smaller clothes and feeling good about herself.

    Jessica L
  • Dana P, ThrivFIT Testimonials

    Dana, a nurse, had already started losing weight but hit a plateau and needed help pushing through and toning up. Since she joined our program, she has dropped 9% body fat, she is firmer in all the right places and she is an inspiration to other nurses who have crazy schedules just like her.

    Dana P
  • Vivian E, ThrivFIT Testimonials

    Meet Vivian. She is a mother of four (yes FOUR boys!) so you can imagine how busy her life is. When she first came to ThrivFIT she was super tired, stressed out with very little balance in her life, extremely uncomfortable with how her body looked and was afraid that she would never feel good about herself again.

    In less than 5 months, Vivian is feeling better than ever! She has dropped 6% body fat and 13.5 inches. She can keep up with her crazy "kids" schedule without feeling completely drained. She is carving out the much needed time for herself and has no guilt for doing so. She is a better mother and wife because she is happier! She is fitting in smaller clothes sizes and we all say she is melting away:) She has more confidence to keep pushing forward and she knows she is just getting started on her health journey.

    Vivian E
  • Hillary G, ThrivFIT Testimonials

    Hilary came to us shortly after having her first child and wanted to shed the extra baby weight. She was also going to be in a wedding and wanted to feel good about wearing the bridesmaid's dress. In just 12 weeks, she lost over 30 lbs and was not just able to fit into the bridesmaid’s dress but actually had to have it taken in TWICE! And has since become a beautiful bride herself:)

    Hillary G
  • Martha B, ThrivFIT Testimonials

    "I have always been active, mostly attending group exercise classes and being somewhat of a cardio junkie. I was challenged to step outside of my comfort zone and join ThrivFIT and I cannot believe the difference in results! I am more toned than ever, I love that I can put on a sleeveless shirt and see the definition in my arms. I take pride in my looks and knowing that I can wear what I want no matter how old I am, is priceless. I never get bored with the workouts and I have learned so much about food that I don’t even crave the unhealthy stuff. Making the change from group exercise classes to ThrivFIT has been by far the best choice I have made for my fitness and lifestyle."

    Martha B
  • Caryn P, ThrivFIT Testimonials

    Caryn, a paramedic, was in a lot of pain from a work related injury and was looking for help. She wanted to get rid of fat, gain mobility and strength, and be able to do everyday activities without pain.

    She is now out of pain (she can put on her pants without cringing!). She is back out on the ambulance doing what she loves and she has dropped 7% body fat and feels great!

    Caryn P
  • Anna M, ThrivFIT Testimonials

    "I am truly amazed at the results in such a short time! I came to ThrivFit wanting to have a tighter booty and to reconnect to fitness. My clothes are fitting so much better, my stomach is flatter, and yes I now have a firmer behind! ThrivFit Coaches tell you exactly what to do, how to do it and motivate you to push past what you believe are your limits."

    Anna M
  • Melanie P, ThrivFIT Testimonials

    "I began my journey in January 2016 and ever since I have felt healthier and stronger. I was opposed to the nutrition part of the program at first but the owners and trainers are very educated, and they know what they are talking about. Since then it's been a lifestyle change I'm happy I made and it has rolled over into our family's meals, snacks and drinks as well. I enjoy going each and every day, everyone is extremely supporting, even the front desk staff. They make you feel like you are apart of something good and big, a wonderful group of people!"

    Melanie P
  • Dawne G, ThrivFIT Testimonials

    "I've been a part of the "ThrivTRIBE" for over a year now. It has been an experience of a lifetime. I have the opportunity to work with the best coaches in the city. The encouragement and motivation that I receive on a daily basis far exceeded my expectations. I am STRONGER, FASTER and FINER than ever! I feel as though Joe and Christine created the program with me in mind. The environment is so positive that I look forward to my "me time" workout! This is the place where you can be who you were meant to be!!!"

    Dawne G
  • Kristen T, ThrivFIT Testimonials

    “I started out with the Thriv team at the beginning of the year. It is such a great environment the coaches and owners are always so positive and motivational, pushing you to do and be your best! They are flexible and accommodating to everyone's busy schedule so that I am able to get my workout in and stay on target!! We all encourage each other and push each other during training and it is definitely a fun place that I love to hate!! Lol”

    Kristen T
  • Kelly M, ThrivFIT Testimonials

    "I love this place. I started in July and I have lost over 25 Lbs and 15 inches. What I have gained is immeasurable!!! The coaching staff is amazing!! They are there for you every step of the way. Boosting your confidence and always cheering you on. I can no longer imagine my life without exercise. The facility is always perfectly clean. My search for a gym I love is over!!"

    Kelly M
  • Nicole R, ThrivFIT Testimonials

    "This is the only thing that works for me! It's an expense but totally worth it! The money I spend is definitely motivation to keep going every week. Great people and Great accountability! The staff knows what they’re doing and what they are talking about, very accommodating during the workouts when I'm not feeling 100% too. Can't wait to see my progress this year! ❤💪🏾"

    Nicole R
  • Stacy B, ThrivFIT Testimonials

    Great experience! From the first day there they knew my name. They made me feel special and part of their team! The coaches are very knowledgeable! They always push me to do my best and challenge me to do more!

    Stacy B
  • Ashley W, ThrivFIT Testimonials

    These ladies are amazing! When you need a push they are there for you. You can tell they love what they do and really care about their members! Thank you ladies! I highly recommend this fitness center!

    Ashley W
  • Courtney D, ThrivFIT Testimonials

    "I brag about this gym anywhere I go and would recommend it to anyone. The coaches and owners care about every single client and want nothing but the best for them. I've learned so much and can honestly say, one of the best gyms you can join."

    Courtney D


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